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Sam Poole

Sam Poole

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What We Had is the start of a new era for me. It’s a song that talks about relationship loss, and heartbreak. For me, it was about my first teenage heartbreak. 


The song reflects upon the loss of the relationship as a whole. It talks about confusion, regret, and simply what could have been done differently. Even with all these feelings in consideration, we were satisfied with what we had.  The verses state confusion, and almost gives you a visual representation of the heartbreak. As you move into the chorus, the lyrics express the reflection upon the relationship, and how even though on the outside it may have looked pretty, in reality it was damaged. As you move to the bridge and outro, the lyrics simply just repeat. The repetition of the lyrics “I will try again” indicates how the relationship continued to go round and round, as said in the verses, and how it almost always, ended up at step one. 


The song also a reminder to people, that even though we may be teenagers and may have not experienced real love yet, we will still experience the feeling of teenage heartbreak once in our lives. I hope this song can create an impact upon people.

What We Had

Listen to Sam's live session at Nantwich Jazz,  Blues & Music Festival on
BBC Music Introducing Stoke 
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Sam Poole’s piano-driven heartbreak ballad What We Had


At just 15 years old, Sam Poole is already making quite the name for himself among the Stoke music community. One of the youngest performers on the circuit, the emerging teen artist has earned a reputation for emotive acoustic ballads and heartfelt performances – his latest single What We Had solidifying his status as one of the city’s rising stars.


Following his 2023 record You Won’t Understand, What We Had continues to see Sam grow as a musician as he develops his songwriting skills. The youngster told The Leopheard of how he wrote the track about his ‘first teenage heartbreak’, reflecting on what could have been done differently.


The piano-driven track delves into the complexities of relationship loss and heartbreak, offering a raw and honest exploration of the teenage emotions we all remember experiencing. 


The instrumentation is beautifully crafted, with subtle melodies and dynamic arrangements that complement his sincere vocals, from the forlorn verses to the more contemplative chorus – his lyrics direct but moving in their delivery. I think one of the reasons people are often shocked to hear of his age is Sam’s deep vocals, which boast a soulful quality and maturity beyond his experience.


What We Had marks a significant step in the 15-year-old’s musical journey. It’s his first release since signing with SaySomethingMusic, meaning ‘the start of a new era’ for the schoolboy, who will no doubt gain valuable insight and guidance from Scott Evans in order to further progress and really hone his craft. 


With its bittersweet storytelling, authentic vocals and atmospheric bridge, What We Had is a marked step up for Sam Poole as he works towards releasing his debut EP before he’s even left school. 


I’d highly recommend keeping an eye on this young musician as he grows – and if you find the opportunity to see him live, he really does deliver an impressive performance.

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You Won’t Understand is yet another powerful and emotive release from Sam, chronicling missed opportunities and regrets with a realistic narrative.

As he continues to hone his craft, it’s clear that Sam has the potential to carve out his own path in the music industry and become a noteworthy artist in his own right.

You Won't Understand



Stoke-on-Trent electronic trip hop maestro and multi-instrumentalist Scott Evans has once again proven his versatility with a brand new single released under his SAY alias. Radiant is the final precursor to his forthcoming album “By Design, But Still…,”, comprising collaborative tracks starring local musicians ranging from hyperpop Mara Liddle, to rapper LFE.

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In Another World

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